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Aims and Obejective

Dr. Shankar Goenka

GIER has many unique features to impart value education to all its students. we try to innovate and keep abreast with the changing needs of students and careers.
Secretary GIER
  • Ideal environment to develop the students’ latent talents, creativity and spontaneous expression.
  • Individual attention with an enviable teacher–pupil ratio of 1:20
  • Modern methods and strategies of teaching with emphasis on conceptual learning.
  • Recognition to the fact that every child has a special role to play.
  • Inculcate noble, spiritual and aesthetic sense.
  • The focus is on the child we ensure that education becomes a joyful, happy and rewarding experience.
  • The slow learners are additionally coached to catch up with the bright ones.
  • We believe in PAP - Peer Assistant Practice, given proper guidance, encouragement and motivation each student can become a flier.
  • We foster in them love for God, care and concern for fellow beings. Emphasis is on character building qualities. We try to make them models of excellent conduct and behaviour.
  • We mould students into useful, confident and self-reliant citizens of tomorrow.